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what to expect:

Interior Rendering Service

What I do:

I create 3D models of your interior space and based on your image preferences, I will create high quality renderings. If you have specific pieces of furniture that need to be replicated I can create those for you.

I am currently using Sketchup for the 3D models and SU Podium for the renderings. I will soon be adding VRay as an option for the renderings.

If you need design guidance, I am also happy to help you.

Examples of work:

What I need from you:

I will need your floor plan, ceiling height and images of furniture you need replicated as well as their measurements.


Charge per simple room $150


Replication of 1 piece of furniture

1 rendering

1 revision

Charge per complex room: $250


Replication of up to 3 pieces of furniture

2 renderings

1 revision

These prices will vary based on the size and complexity of the project. We can discuss the details of your needs. 


Does any of this sound appealing to you? Let's chat! Call me at 773-941-9491 and we can discuss your design goals.

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